After winning the US Open, Novak Djokovic was reduced to tears on a renowned Serbian balcony.

Following his triumph at the US Open, Novak Djokovic returned to Belgrade, his hometown, to be greeted by a throng of well-wishers. This caused him to be overcome with emotion.

During a celebration for members of the Serbian national basketball team as well as the tennis star himself, the 36-year-old tennis pro was hailed by thousands of admirers near Belgrade’s city hall. The event was held in honor of the tennis pro.

On Tuesday, hundreds of supporters gathered in the capital city of Serbia to celebrate the national basketball team of the country earning the silver medal at the FIBA World Cup. Djokovic made a surprise appearance on the balcony and was shown on a large screen as he did so. The event was held to mark the occasion.
It was very evident that the people of Belgrade are very proud of their hometown hero, Novak Djokovic, whose victory was a monumental occasion for Serbia. The scenes were genuinely uplifting, and they displayed the love and support that Djokovic’s countrymen had for him in a way that was evident in the scenes.

After that, Djokovic gave a message to the spectators below from the balcony. He thanked everyone for being there before breaking down in tears. After that, the Serbian basketball player Nikola Milutinov came and consoled him in his time of need.

Djokovic is currently the unequivocal favorite to triumph at the upcoming Grand Slam competition.

Djokovic won his 24th Grand Slam singles victory earlier on Sunday by defeating Daniil Medvedev in the final of the U.S. Open by scores of 6-3, 7-6 (5), and 6-3.

Djokovic’s victory at the U.S. Open gives him a total of 24 Grand Slam singles championships for his career. This adds to the record he already held for the most Grand Slam singles titles won by a player in the history of tennis.