Deion Sanders upset with players for not joining fight: ‘If one fights, we all fight’

The newly hired football coach at Colorado, Deion Sanders, is looking for his squad to show more grit in 2023 after finishing the previous season with a record of 1-11.

It would appear that he is referring to that in a literal sense.

On Wednesday’s practice, there was a skirmish that broke out, but rather than jumping in to break things up himself – as several of his assistants did – Sanders reprimanded his players for not being more aggressive.

Deion Sanders

Sanders interjected, “I saw two of you walking off, over there, and you’ve got a key teammate fighting.” He was referring to the situation that was occurring over there. “Where exactly do they do that? Where exactly do they do that?

The guys all agreed that this wasn’t the case.

Sanders lectured, “If one fights, we all fight,” which he meant to say literally. “Are you following me here? When someone is getting into an argument, I don’t want to see any of you leave the room. Never, ever again!

Deion Sanders
Also on Wednesday, Sanders informed the team that he had hit an important milestone in his recovery following a second operation to treat blood clots in his legs: he had the cast on his foot removed. This procedure was performed in order to address blood clots that had formed in his legs.

Deion Sanders

After the operation that was performed on him a month ago, the cast was applied to aid in increasing the circulation to his toes.

Sanders has stated that it is one of his personal goals to be able to run on the field during his debut game as the coach of the Colorado Buffaloes on September 2 against TCU.

Deion Sanders