Denise Austin, 66, Reveals Her ‘3 Favorite Moves’ for ‘Toning’ and ‘Tightening Up’ Abs

If you’ve ever been curious about the routine that fitness celebrity Denise Austin follows to keep her abs toned, you’re in luck. The older woman, who is now 66 years old, recently gave a demonstration of one of her “favorite” workouts, which consists of three straightforward movements to strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles.
“Want to get rid of that protruding stomach?! Try out these three different moves; you’ll find that they’re quite effective. Get those endorphins going today to finish off this work week on a high note and start off your weekend in the greatest mood possible!! Austin wrote “Xoxo” as the description for the video, which she also uploaded to her TikTok profile and titled “Toning time!!! #fitover50,” “flatabs,” “tightcoreworkout,” and “fitover50.”

Austin is shown in the peppy video getting ready for her workout wearing a purple workout tank (which is quite similar to this one), purple leggings (which are very similar to these), and purple sneakers to match her purple yoga mat. “Here are my three favorite moves that I do to tone and tighten up my tummy,” she reveals. “I do these every day.”
Fans, without a shadow of a doubt, adored the enlightening video. One of your fans emailed you and said, “Thank you for the encouragement!” “💜💜💜 “What a grape workout!” one more person exclaimed. “”
Each of Austin’s three straightforward abdominal exercises is described in greater detail below.
The side plank is the first technique that Austin performs. According to her, this is an effective move for toning “the sides of your waistline.” Lie on one side of your body and lift your hips up while stacking your feet and supporting your body with one arm on the ground, in line with your shoulder. In order to do the activity, lay on one side of your body and stack your feet. To ensure that you are engaging your abdominal muscles throughout the activity, Austin will signal you to “pull in the tummy” at certain points.

Austin instructs, “If you want, you can add a little side crunch,” while demonstrating by extending the knee of her upper leg toward her face and bringing her elbow downward to meet her leg. “If you want, you can add a little side crunch,” she says.
The second activity consists of performing crunches while in the plank position. The first position that Austin will assume is called a “full-body plank.” In this position, she will have her arms extended straight onto the mat in a line with her shoulders, and her feet will be spaced shoulder-width apart behind her. She advises, “Hold it nice and tight,” and continues to explain. “Suck it in!”
Austin gives the instruction, “Now pull your knees to your chest,” as she alternately pulls each leg up to her elbows. “Now pull your knees to your chest,” she says.
The final exercise, a bicycle crunch, is described by Austin as “one of the best ways to flatten that belly.” This time, Austin positions herself such that she is laying on her back with her hands behind her ears, her legs elevated, and the upper half of her shoulders elevated off the mat.
After that, Austin brings each knee toward her face until it is in line with the opposite elbow. After that, she stretches it out straight and repeats the movement on the other side.
If you are seeking for even more exercises, Austin has previously discussed fat-burning aerobic techniques as well as her definitive guide to walking for a period of six weeks.
We can’t wait to hear what other helpful hints Austin has to share with us next! In the meantime, if you are interested in purchasing some of her most worn sneakers, the selections she recommends can be found below.