Jordan Love has joined Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre on the Green Bay Packers’ elite QB list, thanks to a stunning statistic.

On Sunday, the Green Bay Packers were defeated by the Atlanta Falcons in a sad game that ended with a score of 25-24. This was the first time the Packers had been defeated this season. Green Bay’s new starting quarterback, Jordan Love, was not the best quarterback in the NFL versus Atlanta, but he was able to turn in another relatively decent performance, which has the fans looking forward to seeing what else this young guy can do at the helm for the rest of the season.
At least in some moments of the game, there are definitely more than a few people out there who would claim that Love looked like the top quarterback that the Packers expect him to be. The fact that the 24-year-old still has a lot of room for improvement is demonstrated by the fact that his quarterback sneak attempt late in the fourth quarter was unsuccessful. Despite this, Love shown by his actions that he is capable of taking over as the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers now that Aaron Rodgers is no longer an option.

Despite the loss, Love finished the game having completed 14 of 25 passes for 151 yards, scoring three touchdowns while throwing no interceptions. As the Packers attempt to get back on track after their loss to the Falcons, they will be counting on their new starting quarterback for Green Bay to perform similarly well when they face the New Orleans Saints in Week 3.
In addition to providing Green Bay’s supporters with plenty of reasons to celebrate on Sunday, Jordan Love’s performance in Week 2 saw him pass for three more touchdowns, propelling him into elite company. The former Utah State great now has six touchdowns through the first two games of the season. With this accomplishment, he has tied Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre for the most touchdown passes in the history of the Packers organization.
There are just three players on that list, and two of them are either already in the Baseball Hall of Fame or are well on their way to being enshrined in the Hall of Fame in the not-too-distant future. Jordan Love is the third player, and it is without a doubt a very significant honor for him to be named in the same breath as these two legendary players.
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After throwing for three touchdowns in Week 2, Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love joined elite company, joining Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre as quarterbacks who have accomplished this feat. Because Love has scored six touchdowns through his first two games with the Packers, he is already considered one of the best quarterbacks in the franchise’s history. Despite the fact that the Green Bay Packers lost to the Atlanta Falcons, Love displayed a lot of intriguing potential, and the fans are excited to see more of him now that he is in charge of the team. Another chance for Love to demonstrate his worth will present itself during the upcoming game against the New Orleans Saints in Week 3.
Jordan Love gave the request some serious thought. Because he had spent almost all of his young NFL career in the extremely lengthy shadow cast by one of the best players in the history of the game, he had not exactly been besieged by autograph hounds. However, he did receive the occasional request for his signature.

Especially, Love felt, considering the aggressively proactive approach the signature-seeker was taking, which included inviting himself over to Love’s house, stating he wasn’t wanting to make a quick money on eBay, and swearing he was instead a HUUUUUUGE fan of the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback of the future. Love’s thoughts were reinforced by the fact that the signature-seeker was inviting himself over to Love’s house.

“It was just so funny,” the collector, AJ Dillon, says thinking about the experience now. Dillon, who plays running back for the Packers when he isn’t collecting Love cards, has been a close buddy of Love’s ever since the two worked out together before to the 2020 NFL Draft in preparation for the draft. Love is a member of the Green Bay Packers. Dillon appeared with a stack of approximately 25 cards in his hand and a Sharpie in hand.
“I think he was laughing, ‘Bro, this is soooo weird,'” Dillon adds, now laughing himself, adding that he believes the other person was also laughing. I was just like, ‘No, bro. They are not for sale from me. Perhaps at some point in the future, but for now I’m going to keep these. It was probably like they thought I was an old man who was odd.

Or perhaps a person with exceptional vision. Because now, as Love prepares to start his first season as the starting quarterback for the Packers after patiently serving an apprenticeship under Aaron Rodgers for the past three years, Dillon will be ahead of the curve if it turns out that Love is as good as general manager Brian Gutekunst and head coach Matt LaFleur are hoping he is. I usually tell him, “I have no problem with you going out there and winning a couple MVPs and some Super Bowls. I have no problem with that at all. You can do it, bro. “Do whatever it is that you feel is necessary,” Dillon replies with a wink. “It’ll be beneficial to me as well,” I said.


When it is mentioned that Love’s acquaintance may have a financial interest in his success, Love gives a wry smile. Love says, “Whenever he sells them, that money, I want a piece of that.” Whenever he sells them.

To tell you the truth, it is impossible to anticipate how well Love will do as he seeks to follow in the massive footsteps of Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, who have won a combined seven NFL MVP awards and two Super Bowls in their 30 years as leaders of the franchise. In addition to these achievements, Favre and Rodgers have been in charge of the franchise for a combined total of 30 years.