NFL odds: Will Broncos and Patriots avoid 0-3 starts?

Everyone is still in that hesitant fandom period two weeks into the NFL season. If your team has looked terrific, you've gently reminded yourself it's September.

 If the first two weeks were a disaster, use the same sentence to avoid panicking. In Week 3, we have two data points for each team and don't know which to trust.

If your team won or lost its first two games, I have news. It matters. It will mean more after this weekend's games.

The Patriots offense won't terrify many teams, but they've excelled in this type of game. Elite offenses push New England out of its comfort zone, but the Jets don't.

The handicap remains Bill Belichick vs. Zach Wilson. The Patriots defense has plagued Wilson throughout his young career, and it gets worse each game.

Last time he faced Belichick, the Pats defense allowed 77 yards via the air, sacked him four times, and restricted the Jets to 103 yards and 2.1 yards per play.

 Robert Saleh doesn't seem ready to leave Wilson, so there's just one bet. Jets' team total under may also be worth considering.

Ex-Cowboys wide out is back on the market after being released by the Saints.