NFL Power: 0-2 Brandon Staley is in danger if Chargers don't improve.

The Cowboys released backup running back Ronald Jones on Monday. Jones could return to the active roster Monday after his season-opening suspension.

It's horrible for him and the Chargers that they've blown two late fourth-quarter leads to open this season after that historic loss, whether it mattered or not.

Staley claimed the Chargers' postseason loss to the Jaguars didn't linger after Sunday's loss to the Titans.

The Chargers appear cursed to underachieve regardless of coach, quarterback, or roster changes. Their last four games have been a coaching nightmare:

In Week 18 last season, Staley played his starters against the Denver Broncos despite the Chargers' playoff seed and wild-card weekend. 

Multiple starters were injured, and receiver Mike Williams missed the wild-card game with a back injury.

The Chargers led 27-0 but lost to the Jaguars in the wild card weekend. In NFL regular-season or postseason history, just four teams blew a 27-point lead before that game. The Chargers were the second team to lose a 27-point lead in regulation.

Ex-Cowboys wide out is back on the market after being released by the Saints.