Olivia Rodrigo Ends Teenhood with ‘Guts,’ a Brash Record Like the First: Album Review.

Second-year jinxes are unpleasant, especially before you can drink to forget them. Olivia Rodrigo need not worry.

“Guts,” her second album, sometimes feels like “Sour, Too”—a continuation of her Grammy-winning 2021 debut

but that's only a good thing if the spark is still there. Indeed, it is. 

Two years of maturation haven't changed how accomplished and entertaining her music was straight away. 

 Another hilarious, fantastic album of the year? Yes, it is. Here, “rock” is not inappropriate.

The Rolling Stones' long-awaited comeback single was meant to be the rock event of the week,

 “Guts” has all the splendor, guitars, and impertinent spirit you need, whether you're from her generation or theirs. 

Her and co-writer/producer Daniel Nigro's pop-punk perspective is only half the picture, as piano-based ballads like “Drivers License” still dominate. S

Ex-Cowboys wide out is back on the market after being released by the Saints.