Taylor Swift: Cruel Summer returned in UK top 40 four years later.

Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift is currently making its way back up the charts in the United Kingdom, where it debuted all those years ago.

The song, which is taken from her album Lover, has recently seen a surge in popularity as a direct result of the singer included it in the setlist for her Eras Tour.

She has thanked her legion of devoted followers for streaming the song, which debuted on the top 40 chart at position number 27 in 2019.

It made its comeback the previous week at number 29, just one position behind where it had been

it has already eclipsed its previous high point and reached number 12. 

Cruel Summer was earlier referred to by Taylor as her "pride and joy" out of the tracks on the Lover album.

In keeping with the concept of the album, which is a "love letter to love, in all of its maddening, passionate, exciting, enchanting, horrific, tragic

 wonderful glory," this song is all about the anguish of a transient summer love affair.

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