Zack Snyder's Best Film is Now Available on Peacock

While directing two new Netflix movie universes, Army of the Dead and Rebel Moon, Zack Snyder has shown no signs of slowing down. 

It was announced that Rebel Moon will be distributed in two parts on Netflix later this year.

Snyder will focus on his own I.P. rather than DC initiatives, as fans expect. 

The director's best film is on a new streaming service you'll never suspect. 

Peacock began streaming Dawn of the Dead today.

Snyder's next Netflix feature is Rebel Moon, a universe-starting cosmic epic. 

The director recently said the film will launch a new streaming service cinematic universe. 

"Netflix wanted scale when I pitched it," Snyder explains.

They asked, 'How huge might it be? How many films? 

 thought, 'Okay, if we do this, we can get our teeth into it. We can't actually fall."

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