Zendaya Is Going To Be a Mother?

Zendaya, 27, is becoming a mother. The Marvel Cinematic Universe star will play a mother in Challengers, a Luca Guadagnino sports drama, for the first time.

Zendaya announced in a new Empire Magazine interview that her character Tashi Duncan will have a child.

Despite playing more mature roles, many fans still remember her from KC Undercover or as the teenage MJ in the MCU Spider-Man movies with her real-life boyfriend Tom Holland.

However, Zendaya may be ready to move on to non-teen-themed films like Dune: Part 2, in which she will play the Fremen commander Chani in a horrific, brutally violent role.

Challengers may not include interplanetary warfare or convoluted political plotting like Dune: Part 2, but it appears to be a huge step forward for Zendaya.

In Challengers, Zendaya plays the wife and coach of a Tennis Grand Slam champion (Josh O'Connor), who forms a romantic and sexual triangle by signing her husband up to play a previous lover (Mike Faist). Based on the visuals published, the Luca Guadagnino film will take place in steamy places.

Zendaya tells Josh O'Connor, "You weren't there," in Empire. It was a hotel scene between Tashi and Art. The first day was, ‘You're a married couple with a kid.’ Okay. Alright.

It is unclear what Zendaya's on-screen child has to do with the plot or if it is a backstory for her character, but it is evident that the Euphoria star is ready to grow beyond her most notable roles.

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