Zendaya Wants to Play a 'Villain of Sorts': "Tap into evil"

Zendaya expresses interest in playing a villain in future projects, wanting to tap into supervillain vibes and break away from her usual "good guy" roles. 

She clarifies that her villain role doesn't have to be in a superhero context, but more in an emotional sense. 

Zendaya reveals her aspiration to become a director if she wasn't an actress, with a passion for teaching and love for kids. 

She aims to bring diversity to Hollywood, stating that if she becomes a filmmaker, her films' leads will always be Black women. 

Zendaya stars in the upcoming film "Challengers," playing Tashi, a former tennis player who motivates her husband to become a Grand Slam champion. 

The film's story involves intense competition, pushing Zendaya's character to explore new dimensions in her career. 

Zendaya emphasizes her desire to take on more mature roles as she ages, acknowledging the limitations of playing teenage characters indefinitely. 

In the Elle interview, Zendaya discusses her evolving career goals and her drive to challenge herself as an artist. 

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